Casual Sunday Outfit

Casual Sunday Outfit



Hanging with my favorite Chicky!

Arrow Racerback Tank Top Target,

Gray Chambray Top Old Navy,

Arrow Necklace and Gold Bracelet TJ Maxx,

Black Leggings Lauren Conrad Kohl’s,

Converse TJ Maxx.

Happy Sunday!

Life is like a box of Chocolates……….

Life is like a box of Chocolates……….

image……………..You never know what you’re going to get.

I’m not quite sure how I came up with the idea that I needed a blog, but I thought about it for quite sometime(years even).  I work full time as an RN and have four kids, a hubby and a puppy.  I really am stretched from time.  However, I could never quite give up the idea.  So here is my blog in all its glory:)  lol!

I started out with a mission to help other, who over look the joys of everyday life(bliss) and that is still my goal, but I had no idea how much it would help me to discover the joys in my own life.   We all run at such a fast pace that we forget to smile, laugh and just be.  This blog has helped me to slow down and enjoy the moments in life that are irreplaceable.  Simply because I’m happier with myself and that has made me happier in life.

I love fashion, makeup, crafts, shopping………….but I had forgotten how to enjoy them.  I would run in and out of the stores like a chicken without a head trying to squeeze everything into the day and hoping my kids wouldn’t break anything along the way.  How could I enjoy that or anyone else?  Amongst one of these crazy typical days I stopped and thought what am I doing?  I didn’t even know what I needed at the store so desperately that I had ran right over.  Looking at my youngest son I simple stopped and just enjoyed him for a second as he sent me a smile.  We wandered through the rest of the store for a few minutes grabbing milk and a few other things but something had changed for me.  I wanted to enjoy life more, so I decided to do just that.  But HOW?  As I thought about it more on the way home I realized that I had forgotten how to take care of me.   What a silly thing I know, but it was true.  I needed to take care of me, but everyone and everything always came first.  So I started to look at how to do things more efficently to make time for me(thanks pinterest).  I stream lined laundry, reorganized the house, quit going to the store everyday for who knows what and a lot of other things and guess what, there was a little more time for me.  It was amazing to enjoy a cup of coffee or to go shopping with a friend for a few hours.  I hadn’t even considered doing anything extra.  I even had time to start my BLOG!

This blog is my way of helping others to enjoy life more; from silly tips, deals, projects, beauty products, organizing ideas, cute outfits, home decor and anything else that makes me smile.  I want to share how I became ME again and how you can too.  I hope that this Blog can help you to slow down and find your bliss amongst the mess of everyday life.

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