Ahhhhh Scrubs, Almost As Good As PJs


I love Scrubs.  It’s like wearing PJ’s the entire day!  I post this look (not because I think you’ll find it fabulous) because I want you see that I’m a real person and not fabulous everyday.  I have this blog to inspire women to feel more confident in who they are by taking a little pride in themselves.  I love fashion, but more then that I love feeling good about myself and I want you to feel good about who you are!  I got up and dressed in less then 10 minutes, but I still feel ready for the day!  Here’s a few tips I use to feel Fabulous on Lazy days!

– a great messy bun

– lipgloss or Chapstick ( I love Blistex Silk and Shine)

– a comfy piece with style (ex: vs pink sweater with leopard heart accent)

– a cute pair of tennis shoes (everyone love tennis shoes – I love my gray and pink Nikes – they go with everything)

– a sentimental piece of good quality jewelry ( I wear a necklace that was a gift from my hubby over a decade ago, that is our oldest sons birthstone, I always have it on) If you love it you won’t mind wearing it, even on lazy days!

– Add some smell good, perfume isn’t just for date night ladies.  Find one you love and wear it often.  If your not a big perfume fan try smell good lotions or body sprays. (One of my favorite go to perfumes is Clinic Happy in Bloom)

Do you have any good tip?  Share them with us in the comments!

Have a great Sunday;)

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