Family Fun Snow Day!


Ready for the snow!


IMG_3102IMG_3113 Beautiful ride up!


First sight of SNOW!


CJ’s mini snowman!


It’s snowing!


Pic Stop with the crew!


Me and Hubby!


quick pic between snowball fights!


Beautiful ride home!


Awesome Day!

What a great day!  We had so much fun in the snow with the kids and Ace (our German Shepard).  I was worried on the way up, because it started to snow.  However, it made the trip so magical.  The kids were just in awe (Me too as the sun peeked out here and there).  I truly Cherish these types of days.  Life goes by so fast and it’s amazing to slow down for a little bit and just enjoy.

We started the day off with Starbuck’s and donuts.  Yummm!  (not a typical breakfast for us as I’ve become pretty spastic about organic and preservative free foods, but fun for the day)  Then set out to the snow.

The drive up was gorgeous.  The kids were super excited because it was snowing. They ran right out to start a snow ball fight.  (Typical for my kids lol)  They did pause for a few pics for me, but not for long.

We had a snack back at the truck (beef jerky, Annies organic fruit snacks, whole wheat goldfish and water).  Then we headed back towards home.

Short and sweet, but awesome Day.  The kids talked us into IN and OUT on the way home:)  So no cooking Dinner tonight for me.  Now all I have to do is clean up all the snow gear lol.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

XOXO- Karen Renee







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