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How to start a blog

Hey sweet friend.  Welcome to How to start a Blog Part 1 of 4.

Do you know that feeling?  You know the one where you stumble from Pinterest onto some amazing Blog post and you suddenly realize you have found your dream career?!?

Or as many call it “the Blogging Bug“.

Well sweet friend, let me tell you, I know that feeling far to well.  Somewhere in the land of Pinterest about three years ago I suddenly realized I was destined to Blog.

In a attempt to justify my semi-craziness.  Yes ,CRAZINESS!  I told myself I would only Blog for fun and that if I ever felt it was “good enough” then I would attempt to make some money at some point.

So that is exactly what I did. I Blogged just to Blog!  And oh how I love blogging.  I truly enjoyed just being able to have something that was mine, a hobby to get lost in.  My own BLOG!

Let me tell you a little bit about me and maybe it’ll be easier to see what I mean.

My husband(love of my life) and I got married when I was only 18.  We have four amazing children and 2 german shepards.  We both have full time reputable careers and the perks that come along with them(mortgage, car payments, insurance ect.)

As wonderful as ALL of this was there was a part of me that I somehow lost along the way in the 15 years of us growing our dream life.  I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I forgot all about the things that I enjoyed doing.

I was just floating through life contently on autopilot until one day my husband asked me what hobbies I liked.  I know super simple question right?  I had NO answer.  I actually was stumped.

I thought………. I like to go to Starbucks………………hmmmm I like to shop at Target……………………… UMMMM?  Do those count as hobbies?  We laughed at the fact that Starbucks was my hobby , but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  How did I get from someone who had to many hobbies and DREAMS to someone who had NONE.

I really had NO IDEA what I liked to do.

I mean, an afternoon away from my hubby and kiddos meant Starbucks and an extra long Target trip.  How was I supposed to have a hobby let alone hobbies when I worked full time and had four kids.

The fact that I had no idea what hobbies I liked was nagging at me.  How did I not know what I liked?

A few weeks after I stumbled across a Blog on Pinterest and POOF it was like an idea light bulb was floating over my head.  I needed a BLOG!  It was as if I just suddenly knew that this was a real possibility.  If all these blogs existed why couldn’t I have one.  I know not your typical hobby, but I’ve always been a little eccentric I can’t help it.

I had actually taken graphic design courses in high school and loved it, but went with a more “safe” career of Nursing in college as graphic design career was really more of a bigger city career and I had no interest in living in a bigger city with our kids.

And so it began, the next 2-3 years I just blogged to blog.  Truly as a hobby.  I had no idea what I was doing but I LOVED it.  I would post anything and nothing.  LOL.

But a few months ago in my blogging research/play I realized that people actually lots of People were actually making a LOT of money off of blogging.

I thought really?  Blogging?  Could these people really be making money off of blogging?

This hobby that I love so much?

As I continued to research Blogger after Blogger, I realized that it may be quite possible to actually make MONEY off of BLOGGING.

So as I start out on this journey to see how to make MONEY blogging I thought about you Sweet Mama.  I want to share my BLOGGING journey with you.  I want you to be able to BLOG and enjoy life too and hopefully we will make some money along the way.

First things first you will need a BLOG!

How to start a BLOG Part 1

  1.  First things first do you want to start a blog?

2.  Next, we need to figure out what you would like to blog about?

As I started my blog as a hobby I really enjoyed it being a general lifestyle blog.  But there are endless options.

You will need to find a few minutes to just sit down with a plain piece of paper and a pen or pencil and brainstorm away.  Really think about what you may want to blog about.  The only real REQUIREMENT for your BLOG is that it really should be something that you are truly passionate about and that you could talk about for HOURS and HOURS without even blinking an eye.

My lifestyle blog is about my crazy busy Mom life mixed with fashion, beauty, crafts and other things that I enjoy or that bring me happiness.  I love my family, glitter and pretty things and have no problem talking about them constantly.

I wanted to talk about everything so I kept a very open topic “lifestyle”.  Another option is to pick a very specific topic like capsule wardrobes or healthy meals for less.  It really just depends on what you want to talk about.  Just make sure it’s something you love.

3.  Next you need to think about a blog name.

What name would compliment what you are wanting to talk about on your blog.  You want your blog name to help explain what your blog is about.

Write down as may words as you can think of that are related to your blog topic and then play with the combination of the words coming up with as many options as you can.  For my lifestyle Blog I took the two words BLISS and MESS.  I want my MESSY(busy, chaotic,crazy) lifestyle to be Blissful(peaceful and perfect).  There fore Blissful Mess was created.   Come up with multiple options as we will go into securing your name in How to start a Blog Part 2 and your initial option may already be taken.

These 3 tasks can seem simple, but can be very time consuming once you start considering the options.  Take your time and really consider what you want to BLOG about.  This will become the beginning of your new BLOG sweet Mama.  Congratulations!  You are AWESOME!

Blog, Blogger, Mom Blogger

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