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Welcome my sweet friend!   I’m so glad that you are here!!!   Let me share a little story with you about this blog that I love so much and hope that you will too!

Blissful Mess, was developed to encourage others to “stop and smell the roses” or more simply just enjoy life.

As a wife and mother of four kids, who works full time, I know far to well how hard it is to stop and enjoy the little blessing life sends our way everyday.  However, I know for me personally without a doubt that these things are the reasons for living.  I love the joy I receive from just watching my kids smile or a kiss from my hubby as I walk in the door, but far to often I find my self overwhelmed with tasks and missing the small joys of life.   Sometimes it’s all I can do to make it from that morning cup of coffee to finally crawling into bed super late that night.

When I started this blog I wanted to take all my years of mommy hard knocks knowledge (life juggling) and share them with you.  However, as I started blogging something unexpected happened.  I found a part of me that I had long forgotten.  Unexpectedly, I suddenly remembered how much I loved and still love nail-polish, clothes, magazines, lipsticks, shoes, crafts, DIY, home decor, Pinterest……….

You know what I’m talking about.  Right!?! I had been so busy being a Mommy, Wife, Nurse, ect. that I forgot to take care of  myself.  (I must of gotten lost in the laundry room I lose everything in there! Lol JK!)  But seriously somewhere in my journey to help all of you I found the happy me that loves glitter with a passion and can’t walk past a pair of amazing heels without trying them on especially if they are on sale.   Even if I have my screaming toddlers with me that just spilt Target icey and popcorn all over me and everywhere.  The me that always sees my Starbuck’s latte half full.   You know what I’m saying?………Right?!?

Not to say that my likes or materialistic things are more important then the true valuables of life, but what I realized is that I was truly overall happier for the first time in long awhile.  So with all of that Blissful Mess has become a little piece of happiness (a ray of sunshine ☀) for me that I want to share with all of you along the way.

It may be mom tips, DIY, crafts, recipes, beauty products, cute outfits, kids projects, holiday decor, home decor, remodeling projects, a good deal I just had to share, organization tips, planner tips, moving tips, mountain life, hair tips, nail polish or whatever else I stumbled across or into for the day that I can’t wait to share with you.  My blogging adventure has brightened my life and I’m hoping this site will help brighten up your life too sweet friend.


Blissful Mess Karen Renee


Karen Renee



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Talk to you later alligator. XOXO – Karen Renee


++++Please note: We at Blissful Mess L.L.C. do work with affiliate companies, meaning that we may receive an income or goods from promoted products.  We only promote products and goods we like and/or love, but can not make any warranties or guarantees on them.   We would never change our opinion of a product based off of payment from a company. ++++Please be kind with comments.  Blissful Mess is designed to encourage others so please only nice posts.   If you have a negative comment to make please coat it with a little bit of sugar. Thanks- Blissful Mess Admin

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