City Girl to Mountain Mom- life’s adventures

City Girl to Mountain Mom- life’s adventures

Yep……That’s right I’m a City girl true and true, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to pack up and move somewhere else.   Somewhere different, like those movies with the small home town vibe and all the little frame trucks everywhere.  I guess I just always wondered what it would be like to raise our kids in that kind of an environment.  You know where everyone knows everyone!?!

My husband and I have been married for over 15 years and I’ve always said from the beginning that someday we would have a house with a big wrap around porch and two rockers on it.  One for me and one for him!  Of course, we all have had those white picket fence dreams.  Right!?!

I couldn’t shake it though.  As our marriage moved through time we had more children(4 munchkins total) and out grew our current home that was on the edge of town.   We began pondering the idea of moving.  My husband was initially against the thought as he hates changes.  Like truly hates it lol!   But he humored me.  We looked at houses on and off for over 3 years!  That’s right 3 years of house hunting.  We couldn’t find anything that was the right fit for our family.  We looked at new homes, old homes, property no property it was never ending.   Frustrated and overwhelmed we were at a loss.

We had about given up, but I was still obsessed with Zillow.  I stopped looking at everything though and made a very specific list of exactly what we wanted in a home.  My list looked something like this:

5 bedroom

2 and half + bath

at least 1/2 an acre

game room

large laundry room

3 car garage

under X amount of $-  yes, even with my huge list, remember we are a family of 6 I had a tight budget especially for CA.

I then took our list and searched Zillow high and low.  I really pushed out of our realm of ideal living zones and looked everywhere with in about 75 miles of where we currently lived.  I found a few more options, but still didn’t find the one!  If you have ever been house hunting you know what I mean by the one!  Lol!

Then Easter came….. yes, ? Easter!   We went to a family members house for Easter and they lived in the foothills.  As horrible as it sounds I was so jealous of the serenity of their little piece of paradise.  I mean I was happy for them just sad that I couldn’t find that for us.  On our way home my husband and I both were kinda in awe of their place in the hills and we discussed how awesome it must be to live there.  We decided then that we only live once and we wanted to live somewhere that was like being on vacation every day.

As some of you know I’m a nurse which allows me to work 12 hour shifts allowing me to be off and kind of a stay at home mom the other half of the year.  That being said I wanted to really enjoy those stay at home moments with our kids in our own piece of paradise that half of the year that I am home.  I thought the mountains,  what a dreamy way to live!  Snow days, lake days, sunrises and sunsets…..!

We really pondered this new thought of living in the mountains.  Do people really live there?  Like real life? Or is all retired people?  Like how do they do it?  Do you commute?  What does mountain life really look like?  (Don’t worry we will share all that info with you too eventually)

We decided to reach out to our realtor and set up and entire day of looking at houses that fit our criteria in this dreamy little mountain community.   We took our youngest son who was 4 at the time.  I wanted to see how he liked and reacted to the area.  Of course he loved it!  ( rocks and dirt, what little boy wouldn’t!?!)

As we went from house to house we grew more and more in love with the tiny mountain community around us!  The last house that we looked at for the day was it!  We had finally found the one!  It meet all of our wish list and then some.

Unfortunately, as soon as we went to put in a offer the house had been pulled from the market.  Little did we know it was still destined to be our future home, but we were so disappointed.   What it did show us is how much we really wanted our future home.   Long story short, after months of back and fourth we finally were able to sell our previous home and purchase our dream home in the mountains!

And that’s how it happened…..  This city girl is now a Mountain Mom.  Now, all that’s left to do is remodel the entire house! Remember, I said dream home not move in ready!  So here’s to our adventures of remodeling.  We can’t wait to share our journey with all of you as we work our new house into a home.

Check back soon for our House to Home updates!

Our new home!

XOXO- Karen Renee ?

Snowy Day to Everyday Bliss!

Snowy Day to Everyday Bliss!

Snow!  Yes, Please!

What better way to spend this snowy day then all nice and warm and cozy in front of the fire.  I’m just loving watching the snow fall as I’m just blogging away(mostly behind the scenes blog- housekeeping).


I guess I’m still in the Honeymoon phase with the snow it’s just so beautiful.  #Dream Life!


I wanted to share with you all that I’m currently taking a free course via facebook from the Elite Blogging Academy called Build Your Blog Bootcamp.   I am just so grateful to be a part of it.  There’s so much great information and the group of people are just amazing.  If your interested in blogging you should definitely check it out and did I mention it’s FREE!


Anyways, it’s got me pondering a way at my current blog dreams and how much I truly want to be able to help individuals find their everyday bliss so I thought I’d share mine for the day.   It’s this beautiful SNOW!


I haven’t really discussed it yet on the blog, but my husband and I packed up our family of six(and of course our german shepard Ace) and moved to the mountains.  Now, as I’m sure you can all tell, I’m no where near a mountain girl!


I grew up in the city, so this is a whole new world for me, definitely out of my comfort zone, but an amazing adventure.


We had a lot of reasons on our list for why we were moving, but it all really came down to us wanting our children to grow up in a small community living life and not just keeping up with the chaos of the city.


We are trying to find our bliss here in the mountains and I look forward to sharing it all with you.


For now I’m just enjoying the bliss of this snowy day.   How are you finding your bliss today?

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!



Finding Your Mommy Zen on the go!

Finding Your Mommy Zen on the go!

Hello lovlies!   I was out and about running errands recently and thought of you.   Far to often when I’m out and about especially with all four of our children I find myself a little overwhelmed with all the chaos.   That’s why I wanted to share a few tips on finding your Mommy zen on the go.


While wandering my way through Target recently, I saw a lady with one of those double decker grocery carts and I thought Oh my!!!  I wish I could have snapped you all a pic cause I know there’s days we’ve all been that mom.  She had a baby strapped to her chest(in an ergo baby carrier) and two toddlers, one in the top of the cart and one in the bottom basket of the cart.  Even with all of that rolling down the isle, I found myself in awe of the tone of her voice with her kids.  This Momma rocked.  I’m sure she was feeling a little overwhelmed, but she seemed happy as could be with her hands full and it made me think of the few super quick things I do to keep my self in that Mommy zen.


Over the years I’ve noticed there’s a few things I can do really quickly to redirect my self back to not having a mommy meltdown.  So here they are friend in no particular special order!


1-  I grab one of my eight million chapsticks and refresh my lips.   There’s something about smooth, happy, not dry lips that makes me feel instantly refreshed.   My personal fav is Blistex Silk and Shine, but any chapstick, lipgloss, lip balm ect will do the trick!


2-  I grab a Mommy drink!   No, not alcohol lol!   I grab a bottle of water, tea or a latte.  We get so busy we forget about ourselves when we are running around.  I know you packed 2 sippy cups, a back up pacifier and three snack for your toddler to keep them quite and happy on the trip, but what about you?  You need something too right?!?


3-  I grab some yummy smelling lotion or hand sanitizer and rub it in.   The yummy smell like vanilla cupcake or rose petals instantly soothes me.  I can even take a few seconds to rub my hands of forearms before moving on.


The great part about these tricks is they literally take seconds and the few seconds that they take instantly help me to feel slightly better and ready to go.  Also, kids can join in too.  This keeps them busy for a few second while you get a few seconds.  I hope these silly quick tips help you keep your Mommy Zen while on the go.


What super quick tips help you when your out and about with the kiddos?   I’d love to hear them!


Leave me a comment sweet friend!



K ?

Business Casual look to start off the year!

Business Casual look to start off the year!

Love this soft business casual look.

Long Crdigan- Target ?$24.99

Floral peplum top- Target ? $19.99

Skinny beige ankle pants- Target ? $19.99

Pointy Beige Flats- Target ? clearance $11.98

(Merona flats are my favorite- comfy, cute and cheap?).

Total outfit= under $80

( plus I got an additional 5% off with my red card!!!)

Total steal for this adorable look for the office!



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