House to Home


Home Decor……….Oh me, oh my!  It’s never ending.  We had lived in our previous home for over 8 years and I finally figured it out when we sold our home.  Somewhere between moving in and having more babies our house just discombobulated along the way, so I was on a mission to finally get things put into place.  Here’s some pics from before we moved, but our new home pics will be coming out soon.


Our new home is a work in progress, but I’m proud of my mini accomplishments and will be sharing some soon.  What are you currently working on in your home?  We’d love to see some of your ideas friends.  Share them with us in the comments section.   Also, don’t forget to sign up for our news letter.  I’ll keep you guys posted as I continue on converting our new house to a home!


XOXO- Karen Renee


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