Quick tips To Look Younger In Less Then ONE HOUR!

Quick tips To Look Younger In Less Then ONE HOUR!

You know those days?  After a long week of work and/or kids and you just feel drained.  It can feel like you’ve aged at least a decade!  LOL!  Or at least I can feel that way.  It seems to me that with four kids and working full time I can feel and look a lot older then I am very quickly!


To keep me looking younger, I use these simple quick tips to look younger in less then ten minutes.    Please note I am not a trained Makeup or Beauty consultant, but these tips work great for me.


1). Whiten your teeth.  Use of an at home whitening kit can really take off a few years in just a few minutes!  All the coffee and harsh foods that we consume really take a toll on our teeth and our age appearance.  Whiten up and take some years back!  I love Crest 3D White Strips- (I put them on and jump in the shower quickly while they work there magic!  Post shower I’m clean and my teeth are white:))


2) Put on Under eye Concealer.  Having a quick and easy morning make up routine is a must for me in the morning.  My go to concealer is Mac Prolonger wear (16 hours of coverage).  Long lasting is key for me as I work 12 hour shifts as an RN and don’t have time for touch ups.  Make it easy on yourself and stop my a MAC (my favorite) or any make up store and ask for help.  They can find you the perfect color in seconds.  I had been going too light and No had no idea until checking with the MAC staff.  Totally worth the 2 minute conversation to have the perfect color!



3) Make your eyebrow make up lighter. Darker, harsh eyebrows can really add some years to your face.  Try adding a lighter shade with your brows and lines that are a little more forgiving.  MAC helped me find the perfect color for this too.  I have really light ash natural hair so the right color is key for my eyebrows to not look crazy.  If your not sure on how to apply, they will show you that as well.



4) Add some shine to your hair.  There are multiple ways to add shine to your locks.  From shine treatments to shine spray, I’ve tried them all.  My favorite is just a great shampoo and conditioner.  My hair was looking really blah after our fourth baby so I switched to Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner Super Strengthening (from Target- as I wanted it to be easy to grab at the store). After one wash my hair felt completely different and after a few weeks friends were commenting on my shine!   I also love It’s a 10 leave in conditioner.  I use it everyday.  Switch it up and find a shampoo and conditioner that benefits your hair instead of just washing it.  Shiny healthy hair can definitely take off some years.



5) Lighten up your hair color.  It’s amazing how hair color can change someone’s look entirely.  Just adding a few highlights or a lighter shade all together can really take off some years.  I recently had gone red and just going back to my usually blonde made a huge difference.



6) Add some Lip Color.  Yes, Lipstick!  This always makes me feel younger!  A little pop of color can really do the trick, but try to stay away from super dark colors.  If your like me, usually lipstick is not a daily thing for you.  Try a great lip-gloss, chapstick or colored chapstick they can do the trick too.


So remember TO LOOK YOUNGER QUICKLY try the following; whiten your teeth, add under eye concealer, lighten your eyebrow makeup, make your hair shiny, lighten your hair color and add some lipstick.  Hope these tips help you look and feel great.


If you have any good tips PLEASE share them with us in the comments.



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