Quick Solution to Stop Losing Your Keys!

Quick Solution to Stop Losing Your Keys!



You know that feeling?  Your ready to walk out the door, hands are full, but there are no car keys anywhere to be found?  I am far to familiar with that with that option.  With our busy lives as a family of six, we have to stay as organized as possible.  This key storage is a must for our sanity.


We have quite a few vehicles and have to swap them out frequently related to task and who all is in the car.  Plus our families often help with our children’s extra activities and drive our vehicles as well.


That being said ……..Yes, we have a lot of keys lol!


I was over the never ending key hunt and determined to find a solution.  Time was wasted as I looked through the typical key storage options, but there was a lack of hooks and space for our large amount of keys.   I couldn’t just order one that I knew wouldn’t really work.   That’s why I had been on the look out for the perfect key hook storage solution!


Good news, I found it!


See, when out and about earlier this week, I picked up this great little hook set at Marshall’s along with these three separate large decor keys.


It always seems to be that I find whatever it is when I’m not specifically looking for it.  I was there for something else entirely(yoga pants) and poof there was my key solution.  Yoga pants, key hooks same thing right ?!?  LOL


The price was perfect too!


$2.99 per key x 3= $8.97

$5.99 for adorable farmhouse hooks already mounted on a white washed board

Total cost = $14.96 + tax

I’m in love with the way it turned out!  Simple and chic.  Perfect key storage solution.  What do you think?





What do you do with your keys sweet friend?  Have a great key storage idea?  Share it with us in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you!


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