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DIY Unicorn Mason Jar!

Unicorn love!  I have to say I’m slightly obsessed with unicorns that’s why I couldn’t resist this DIY Unicorn Mason Jar.  It’s just so adorable.   I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are unicorns just about everywhere anymore.  Right?!?   I couldn’t find one that really fit into my home decor though, so I decided to make my own.  This one specifically is going to end up holding my paint

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DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Game For Family Game Night!

Do you remember childhood games?  Like real ones that aren’t electronic?  Yeah, those ones!  LOL!  We do in our home and I wanted to make sure our kids grew up playing them including cards, dominos, marbles, Tic-Tac-Toe and other silly classics.   There’s no doubt that the older games are pretty popular at our home, but Tic-Tac-Toe has become a family staple at our house.  Our kids play it just

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Watermelon terra-cotta Pot Summer Craft!

What is it about watermelons that automatically makes me think of SUMMER!  Is it the bright coolers or it’s sweet treat inside.  Who knows!  But I love watermelons.  This watermelon terra-cotta pot is the perfect summer craft.   My middle son loves watermelon.  Like to the point he will beg for it in the store.  You would think it was some kind of sugar high treat.  It’s one of his

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How to get the kids ready quickly in the morning without waking up earlier!

How do other Mom’s do it?  You know?!?  The whole morning thing with kids.   I couldn’t seem to get it to run smoothly.  It was to the point that I was desperate for tips to be able to get our kids ready quickly in the morning without waking up earlier.   Like clock work, I was running behind everyday.  Constantly trying to catch up.  If this sounds like you

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10 Easter Basket Ideas For Kids That Are Not Candy!

Oh, how I love Easter my sweet friend!  Candy and bright pastels all over town!  Yes, please!?!  But what about when it comes to your kids?  How much candy do you really want in their Easter basket?   I personally try to keep the candy to minimal.  Here’s  10 ideas to fill your kids Easter baskets that aren’t candy! Easter Basket Ideas:  Eco dough-  this is my favorite version of

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ST. Patrick’s Day Kids Treat!

  Simple and sweet!  Chocolate pudding and Lucky Charms.  With a cute Leprechaun story to go with it!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day;)

Family Fun Snow Day!

What a great day!  We had so much fun in the snow with the kids and Ace (our German Shepard).  I was worried on the way up, because it started to snow.  However, it made the trip so magical.  The kids were just in awe (Me too as the sun peeked out here and there).  I truly Cherish these types of days.  Life goes by so fast and it’s amazing

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Kindergarten Love!

Up late working on Valentine’s for my kindergartener!  A Mommy‘s job is never done……… Love these Heart Slinkies I found at Target for the kiddos!  Great swap out for candy!  My Little man can hardly wait to get his hands on them;). So much fun! XOXO Karen